Floorball+ HKY

What is Floorball?
Floorball is an International Sport, played Professionally in Hockey Countries, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland and the Czech Republic.  The International Floorball Federation oversees the development of the sport globally and is a recognized federation of the International Olympic Committee.  Floorball is an Olympic Pathway sport often regarded as the Fastest Growing Team Sport in the World.

What is Floorball+ HKY?
A few years ago, in a effort to grow Floorball, our company Floorball Academy Plus Inc. (FloorballPlus+) designed a curriculum that could be used at Hockey Schools, Community Centers and School Gyms.  We call it Floorball+ HKY Training, because it combines all the indoor skill, speed, safety elements of Floorball with training methods for Hockey Players.

Floorball + Hockey Training develops Athletes with more agility, fitness, finesse, mobility, creativity, vision, body awareness, and overall hockey skills like; passing, shooting, playmaking.